Monthly Archives: December 2015

2015 Christmas Holiday Web Hosting Special Offers

We have comprised various web hosting discounts for the 2015 Christmas holiday that you can find below. These discounts are valid on new customer signup orders and cannot be combined with any other discount. The coupons listed are valid on the plan chosen and are not transferable to another hosting plan.


Shared Hosting Discounts

  • 40% Discount on shared hosting plans: Stater, Business & BusinessPLUS
  • Promo code at checkout: xmashosting2015


Reseller Hosting Discounts

  • 40% Discount on reseller hosting plans: VR-50, VR-100, VR-200, VR-300 & VR-400
  • Promo code at checkout: xmasreseller2015


Self Managed VPS Hosting Discounts

  • 15% discount on all self-managed VPS servers
  • Promo code at checkout: xmas2015vps


Fully Managed VPS Hosting Discounts

  • 20% discount on all fully managed VPS hosting servers
  • free 1GB RAM upgrade on order
  • Promo code at checkout: xmas2015managedvps


*coupons valid until Jan. 4 2016.

Updated account management features

We have made some minor changes & enhancements to our account management portal in order to make accessing our ticketing system, knowledge base & maintenance notices easier.

Upon logging in, you’ll notice the “Maintenance Notices” notifier directly on your main dashboard. This now shows active & scheduled maintenance notifications for our infrastructure that have been scheduled or are actively reported/being worked on.


We have also added a new “Support Center” which contains important information for your account, helpful information from our knowledge base & also access to your support tickets. In addition, your current IP address is always displayed on the Support Center dashboard as well as access to check & unblock your IP address in the event of a firewall block.


We’ve provided easy access to search our knowledge base as well. We have implemented a search on various support pages including the main Support Center page as well as our Support Department selection page.

On your main dashboard as well as the Support Center dashboard, we have also implemented real-time maintenance notices that will show scheduled & reported maintenance notifications when there’s a problem or we have a maintenance window scheduled.


You’ll also notice the implementation of the Account Notifications alert shown in the navigation menu to the left of your name. This alert will be displayed if there are any opened network issues, alerts on your account or scheduled maintenance windows.