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Google Docs Phishing – May 3rd 2017 – Be Careful!

Many may already know there is a widespread Google Docs phishing email scam that contains a link that appears to be from someone you may know. We have received numerous messages to our company mailboxes containing these links.

If you’re not familiar with what phishing is, it is a method where a malicious attacker uses a crafted web page, link or similar, to try to trick a user into providing their login information. When this happens, the malicious user then has your login information and can access anything those credentials are being used for.

We would like to alert our customers to this phishing scam and how you can protect your account with us should you become compromised.

  1. Use different passwords for all services
  2. Utilize strong, complex passwords
  3. Enable two-factor authentication when available

We provide the ability to enable two-factor (something you know + something you have) authentication for logging into our support/billing portal, as well as, logging into your cPanel & WHM hosting accounts.

To enable two-factor authentication on our support/billing portal, you can follow our instructions here:

To enable two-factor in your cPanel account, you can follow our guide here:

There are a number of outlets currently reporting the Google Docs phishing attack, we recommend further reading the blog entry on MalwareBytes:

**Note: We would like to note that the two-factor methods above are not in relation to this phishing incident. We are recommending activating the 2Factor authentication on your accounts with us to further protect your accounts with VeeroTech should you be affected by this attack.**