I have had all of the hosting companies over the years, big and small, some all right, some were horror shows. Veerotech, is by far, the best I have encountered.

Ray B. Read More

They are absolutely amazing, their support is exceptional, couldn't ask for better. This was my first experience with a reseller hosting and I couldn't be happier with them.

Alfredo Gago Read More

I have been extremely impressed with the support I have received. It has been not only helpful, but VERY quick.

Bruce C. Read More

I never expected that I will find both responsible and knowledgeable, colleagues, in their work. Hardworking people with great knowledge of the subject and I'm very happy to be working with them!....

Michael Diplaros Read More

The hosting is super fast, so far hasn't had any downtime, and the support is awesome! If you open a ticket in their system, it is usually responded to in under 5 minutes.

Shawn F. Read More

I am very happy with veerotech. I recently transferred my reseller account from another host. I had special issues that they fixed.The really great thing is that they were quick. So thank you veerotech, I would recommend you to other businesses. :-)

Jennese C. Read More

Web Hosting For Everyone


Blazing fast web hosting that leaves the sites at other web hosts in the dust. Don't wait — unleash the full power of your website today!


Pure NVMe reseller plans are perfect for web designers and developers looking to manage their clients' web hosting experience.

$14.95 /mo

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Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress hosting with no visitor limits, plus updates, backups, malware scanning and removal, site optimization, and much more!

Managed VPS

Gain complete web hosting power and isolation without the hassle of server management experience. Includes full support, daily backups, and more!

High Performance Data Center Class Servers with 100% NVMe Flash Storage
Data center class servers, NVMe drives, multiple 10 Gbps network connections,
256GB+ DDR4 Memory and delivering a blazing fast 500,000+ IOPS!
  • What is Web Hosting?

    If, by chance, you're here to launch your first website, you might find yourself asking, "What exactly is web hosting?" To answer that, let's compare web hosting to a typical business in the "real" world. Let's say you want to start a retail or wholesale business that sells merchandise. One of the first things you'll do is look for a suitable physical space, maybe in a strip mall or in a standalone building. Factors you might consider during your real estate search could include: easy accessibility for your customers, strong security, and the quality of fast service from the property manager to answer questions and tend to any maintenance needs.

    Much of the same criteria applies to web hosting. In order for your website to go live and be seen by the world, it requires a space to reside. That's where a web hosting account comes into the picture, providing a location to store all of your website's content. You'll want it to be fast and reliable, and as simple as possible to configure and maintain. With our web hosting plans, VeeroTech can meet any website's needs.

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Common Web Hosting Questions

Where will VeeroTech host my website?

All of your website's files, including its photos and videos, will be physically located on a fast computer server within VeeroTech's own data center, a state of the art facility that has the ability to stay online 24/7x365 through redundant connectivity, resources, power, massive generators, and frequent backups — not to mention onsite engineers whose job it is to keep things purring along smoothly.

Will my website be fast for visitors across the country and halfway around the world?

Using what's called a content delivery network, or CDN, your website will appear closer to your visitors — and faster — no matter where they happen to be located. That's because our web hosting plans leverage the power of Cloudflare, a powerful and robust CDN trusted by over 26 million internet properties.

Will my hosted website be secure for my visitors?

At VeeroTech, every one of our web hosting plans include SSL certificate capabilities. What's an SSL certificate, you ask? SSL certificates are the basis for trust on the internet, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. They're used to both validate a website's identity, and encrypt communication between the website and visitors. We provide 100% free SSL certificates through our partnership with Let's Encrypt, a nonprofit Certificate Authority backed by some of the world's most well established technology companies, including Google, Facebook, Mozilla, and Cisco. For those who require a higher level of validation, our web hosting plans also offer the option of paid SSL certificates.

Shared or Reseller - Which type of web hosting plan is best for me?

Generally speaking, a shared web hosting account is best for single users with single websites. Reseller web hosting is designed for professionals (think web designers or developers) who intend to host multiple websites for multiple clients, and wish to ensure each account is isolated and has guaranteed server resources. For a more detailed discussion, we encourage you to check out our blog, where we've compared our Shared and Reseller Web Hosting plans, as well as discussed the differences between all of our fast web hosting options.

How long does it take to set up a web hosting account?

Believe it or not, once the checkout process is completed, your web hosting account will be ready immediately. Just watch for our "welcome" email, and you'll be good to go!

Can I transfer an existing website to my new web hosting account?

Absolutely. And guess what? We'll even do it for you for free!

Can I sign up for a web hosting plan without first owning a domain name?

Yes, many customers have chosen this option. Maybe you don't know what domain name you want to use yet. That's okay! Simply purchase a domain name from a domain name registrar and point what's called the DNS to your web hosting account (or Cloudflare, if you intend to take advantage of that account feature). Our support team is ready to help you at any point along the way!

Can I upgrade my web hosting plan as my website grows?

Of course! The success of your business goes hand-in-hand with the success of ours, so we've made sure you're never more than just a few clicks away from easily scaling your web hosting plan to meet your website's explosive growth.

Can I host an e-commerce site with VeeroTech?

Yes. Whether you're just starting out or are already managing a well-established e-commerce website, VeeroTech has fast and simple web hosting plans that suit every need.

What kind of technical support is included with my web hosting plan?

Never feel alone in the dark again! All of our web hosting plans include professional 24/7x365 support. Additionally, you'll have access to thorough knowledge base articles, as well as our helpful blog. And if you ever move from just web hosting to website development? No worries, we'll be here ready to volunteer our best efforts to get you moving in the right direction.