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Install WP Super Cache caching plugin on WordPress

The WP Super Cache plugin for WordPress is an essential plugin needed for boosting the performance of your WordPress website by utilizing caching techniques.

To install the WP Super Cache plugin, you’ll want to first use the “Add New” option from under the plugins sub-menu:




Next, simply type in “wp super cache” in the search box from the “Add Plugins” page & press enter. Once you locate the WP Super Cache plugin, simply click “Install Now“.






After you’ve installed & activated the WP Super Cache plugin, you’ll want to begin configuring it. To start, you’ll need to go to Settings & then WP Super Cache from the WordPress admin menu:




Now that you’re on the WP Super Cache Settings page, you’ll want to configure your plugin to have the settings shown below:

Caching On (recommended)



Select the option for “Caching On (Recommended)” & then click “Update Status“.  After, you’ll want to navigate to the “Advanced” tab. You’ll then want to select the following options:


Cache hits to this website

Use PHP to server cache files


Compress pages so they’re served more quickly




*note: you can also use mod_rewrite to handle caching as well. For beginners, we recommend simply using the settings shown here.


Once you have selected these options, simply scroll down & click “Update Status”.




That’s it! After clicking “Update Status“, your settings have now been set. Your pages/content will now be cached for faster access when browsing your site.

When you make changes to your site, you’ll need to clear the cache as your changes will not be displayed until you do.


Clearing the WP Super Cache “cache”:

To clear the cache, you can simply navigate to the settings as shown below



Next, you’ll scroll to the “Delete Cached Pages” option & click “Delete Cache“.





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