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Setup mapped drive in Windows 10 using VeeroTech Storage Linux VPS

This guide will be a basic how-to on connecting to your VeeroTech Storage VPS server in Windows 10 as a mapped network drive.

You will need to install 2 packages within Windows in order to connect to a Linux server, WinFsp & SSHF-Win

First, you’ll want to install the latest version of WinFsp from here (choose the winfsp-x.x.x.msi – msi installer):

After, you’ll need to install SSHFS-win from here (choose the sshfs-win-x.x.x-x64 or x86 msi installer):

We will assume that your Storage VPS is using the default SSH port of 22 we recommend changing this to another port however, we will not cover that in this guide.

While logged into your Storage VPS as the root user, you’ll want to add a new user account. We’ll use a demo account in this guide of “veerotechstorage” with a password of “Bfdte^hged45FS3%N45” (be sure to choose a strong password when creating the user account different from this one)

SSH Add User - Storage VPS


Currently, in our testing SSHFS-win will connect to the users home directory and this will be where the root of the mapped drive will be. The next step will be to open your Windows Explorer & This PC, then under the “Computer” tab choose “Map network drive”.

Windows 10 map network drive


After clicking “Map network drive” from the top menu, you’ll be shown the Map Network Drive connection window.

Windows 10 Map Network Drive Settings


You’ll need to select a drive letter from the Drive list – we’ll just leave the default here of Y. We’ll also leave the default Reconnect at sign-in checked as well. In the Folder field, we will need to type in the following syntax:


If your server resolves via DNS to a hostname, you can use your DNS entry for the “host” portion of the above syntax. If it does not, you can use the IP of your server. Previously, we created the user of “veerotechstorage” so we’ll use this username in the following syntax:


Mapped Drive Path - Windows 10


After typing in the path as shown above, you’ll be presented with a login window. From here, we will enter the user & password that we previously created.

Windows 10 Mapped Network Drive Login


After entering the correct credentials for the previous user that was created, check the box for “Remember me” and click OK. After clicking OK, you should now get a new Windows Explorer window opened that is mapped to the home directory of the user.

Windows 10 SSH Mapped Network Drive


Now when you copy files into the mapped network drive, the data will be copied up to your Storage VPS. Please note that this applies to our VPS plans only – you must have a VPS in order to use this functionality.

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