Monthly Archives: July 2013

Redesigned Account Management Portal

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our completely redesigned account management portal! We’ve completely redesigned the portal with ease of use in mind.

Once visiting the login screen located at and logging in, you’ll immediately notice the brand spankin’ new dashboard!

We’ve listened to our customers regarding the usability & visibility of some things such as service ticket requests, invoices and notifications. Our redesigned portal should be much easier to navigate as well as for submitting service tickets, ordering new products along with the addition of our new user forums located here:

Have suggestions on how to make our redesigned management portal even better? Feel free to create a forum thread here: or contact us using our website contact form here:

Disaster Preparedness. Are You Ready?

Have you got a backup plan in place?

As a premium service provider, it’s our number 1 goal to ensure your websites & data are safeguarded against the unthinkable. Aside from the image above, disasters can come in many forms and many webmasters don’t think they can be affected. Natural disasters are just 1 part than can decimate a datacenter, town or even an entire city.

Let’s take a moment to remember the devastating tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri in 2011. Two of the buildings destroyed by the deadly tornado were a hospital and an adjacent data center that was serving it.

Many websites today a susceptible to a variety of disasters & problems – natural disasters, hackers, malware, hardware failure & even human error.

How can VeeroTech Systems help you?

We’re a solutions provider, not a cookie cutter product provider. Our goal is to provide you with the solutions needed for your business to succeed and have the strongest element of business continuity as possible. From basic website hosting to complex, multi-server platforms with scalable options & disaster recovery solutions, we have the knowledge & expertise to set forth a realistic & sustainable solution to exceed your needs.

We take this concept and begin applying it at our premium shared & reseller hosting level –
Daily, shared & reseller hosting backups
Weekly Server Backups – On Site
Weekly Server Backups – Off Site
Monthly Server Backups – On Site
Monthly Server Backups – Off Site

Our daily backups for shared & reseller web hosting customers are accessible for all customers from within our cPanel web hosting control panel. We retail 4 nights rolling copies of daily backups for files & databases.

Our weekly & monthly server backups are for disaster recovery situations. Should we experience a hardware failure, natural disaster or any other event that causes data to become corrupt or irrecoverable, we keep on hand multiple server backups that can be restored within a few short hours.

Have questions about our backup services? We offer a full line of storage virtual servers for backups as well as dedicated storage servers. You can always contact us for custom solutions by visiting our contact page here: