Troubleshooting slow WordPress sites

How to Troubleshoot a Slow WordPress Website

This post will cover the basics of troubleshooting a slow WordPress site. This can become a rabbit hole if one so desires. However, the entrance to Wonderland still starts here no matter how far your heart desires to take you. A slow website will is the first impression people will get simply because even if

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Cyber Sale

Cyber Weekend 2020 Hosting Deals

2020 Cyber Weekend Discount Details. For 2020 we will be offering a single discount of 30% on our hosting plans. The code is listed below and can be used at checkout. Promo code: cyber2020 This promo code is available only for new accounts. If you have an existing account, please contact our sales department via

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN Power, Performance & Security

Security and performance are the cornerstones of a successful website. This holds true whether you’re an individual blogger with a single WordPress site, a multinational corporation with a vast library of online content, or fall anywhere in-between. While there’s no one-size-fits-all means to ensure sites are fast and secure, in many cases leveraging the power

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