How to Monitor Your Website’s Downtime?

Even the best and most reliable of servers can have downtime. There is no hardware that is totally immune to website downtime issues. With that said, how can you be notified when your site is down? There are various ways you can verify if your site indeed is down or if it is just a

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Drupal Security

Drupal Security: Some Useful and Practical Ideas

Drupal is renowned to be a secure and robust Content Management System. In fact, a good number of Drupal users prefer it only because of its security features and reliability. Drupal security has long been a famous concept in web development. However, that does not mean Drupal is entirely immune to security threats. With the

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Drupal Optimization

How To Speed Up Your Drupal Site?

Drupal has earned a well-deserved reputation of being a robust and very reliable Content Management System. It is highly scalable and can suit the needs of a wide variety of websites. However, sometimes users do tend to wonder: is there anything that can be done to speed up your Drupal site? There is no doubt

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hosting Deals – 2017

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are here again! We will be offering a 50% recurring discount on web hosting & reseller web hosting plans as well as a 20% recurring discount on fully managed VPS hosting plans. You can use the promotional coupon codes listed below at checkout: Web Hosting & Reseller Hosting code: Code

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