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Top 5 Websites for Freemium Graphics Resources

A compelling professional brand is essential for ambitious founders, serious solopreneurs, and aspiring graphic designers; failing that, they need the skills and resources to establish a compelling professional brand.

Not only do designers need graphic design materials for their clients, but also for their websites and any personal projects they may be working on. There are design websites and blogs that supply wonderful design toolboxes of a high quality, which will make your task much simpler to complete.

You have access to a wealth of graphic design materials and tools, all of which are at your disposal and may assist you in becoming even more creative. You’re looking for vectors, right? Or stock images? How about fashionable, creative fonts? Or how about a smidgen of creative stimulation? It is all within your grasp, particularly if you are aware of the best path to choose.

With this handy list to the top graphic design resources and tools, both professional graphic designers and graphic design hobbyists may save some time and avoid fruitless online searching. No matter what you’re working on, you’ll be able to locate the assistance you need.

In addition, in order to connect with people, your website has to seem realistic and make use of genuine visuals and photographs. This will ensure that consumers experience something when they engage with your website. In order to do this, you will need to visit reputable websites.

You will be able to obtain free authentic design materials that are truly free to download and are of a consistently good quality on the websites that are listed below. It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for pictures or movies, typefaces or design tools; you’ll definitely be able to discover what you need here.


Freebiesbug is an online design blog that showcases free high-quality design materials such as PSD files, HTML website templates, fonts, and other great things. The blog is called Freebiesbug.

Freebiesbug is a location on the internet where web designers and developers may go to look for free materials that they can use in their work. You get access to a wide selection of high-quality fonts, PSDs, code plugins and templates, and a lot more besides.

It provides design materials that are both free and of a high quality.

Freemium Graphics

Users may easily download files for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch, amongst a great many more applications, from the site. All freebies are accessible for business or personal uses.

The most material can be found in the PSD category, which currently has over 1,200 freebies and is continually growing. The vast majority of them are digital mockups and iconsets, but there is also a significant number of UI kits and mobile app interfaces that make use of knobs and dials.

In contrast, everything else is quite a bit smaller, however brand new freebies are constantly being made available online.

Because of the outstanding quality, this website is one of my go-to places for free materials that I may utilise. Because the editor reads and evaluates each submission before deciding whether or not to publish it, you won’t find any freebies that are worthless on this website.

However, this website functions as an aggregator, and as such, the download links take you to the website that originally offered the item.

Creative Market

The handmade digital design material that can be found on Creative Market comes from the work of independent creatives from all around the globe.

You may purchase digital design materials to include in your personal or professional projects from the marketplace known as Creative Market. The following categories of products are available:

  • Images
  • Website Themes
  • Templates
  • 3D Models
  • Fonts
  • Graphics
  • Add-ons

If you’re looking for a digital design asset, you’ve come to the correct spot! Installable fonts, icons, and website themes are just some of the products that are supplied and featured in these categories. Also available are clipart, UI kits, Photoshop brushes, stock pictures, 3D models, and many more.

Freemium Graphics

The independent creative professionals located all over the globe are responsible for the one-of-a-kind creations that are offered in this marketplace.

What Sets Creative Market Apart from Others?

In most cases, opening a new internet retailer selling designer products is not very noteworthy. Because there are already several strong competitors in this sector, any newcomer will have a tough time acquiring clients who may have already established themselves as loyal to other markets.

But what drew our attention to Creative Market was that they make a conscious effort to stand out from the competition with their positioning. They seem to be acting in a manner that is almost entirely counter to what we are often accustomed to seeing from creative markets.

There are four basic tactics that, when seen from the point of view of a seller, are particularly impressive:

  • 70% Commission
  • You Determine the Costs.
  • There is No Guarantee of Exclusivity.
  • There is no review process.


Magdeleine.co gives you access to high-quality, public domain images handpicked by experts at no cost. In their store, you can get both stock photos and films. They accept various payment types, including Apple Pay, debit cards, and Google Pay. Customers and those placing qualifying purchases will be given their contact information.

Freemium Graphics

The photographs were taken by a diverse group of creative individuals from all over the globe, ranging from amateurs with an interest in photography to experts in the field. Magdeleine.co’s goal is to assist photographers in order to facilitate the dissemination of their work. They also help companies operating on a limited budget in the search for innovative photographs to use in their projects.

This site, Magdeleine.co, is dedicated to providing you with the most outstanding free stock photographs of the highest possible quality.


Pixabay is a thriving community of creative individuals who share photos and films that do not infringe on any copyrights. Because all of the materials are distributed under the Creative Commons CC0 license, it is perfectly acceptable to use them in any way, even for commercial endeavors, without first obtaining permission or providing credit to the original author.

Pixabay is the most popular website for sharing free media assets worldwide. It is designed to make it simple for users to locate high-quality photographs that are free to be used in blogs, websites, or any other purpose, whether online or in print, without the user having to worry about infringing on copyright or paying related penalties. The welcoming atmosphere of Pixabay, in which amateur and professional photographers may share their work with others, is a favorite among site visitors.

You are free to modify the photos, copy them, distribute them, and even use them for business reasons without obtaining permission from the artist or giving them credit.

One advantage is that when you hunt for free photos, you discover things that are different from what you get when you search for free images using Canva or just Google for free images. The photographs and videos have a far more professional appearance, which is something that almost everyone wants for their company.


  • No cost; the material is supported by users.
  • Media without the need to pay for permission to use it.
  • Numerous photos in one place.
  • Get it on the web or as an app for your phone.


Envato is the most well-known and respected online community for creative assets, tools, and talent around the whole globe.

Envato is a website that millions of individuals all around the globe use to purchase and sell creative assets, use cutting-edge design templates, study creative skills, and even employ freelancers. Envato assists creative professionals such as yourself in finishing projects more quickly by providing a market that is the leader in its field and unlimited membership service.

You will probably come across something created by Envato today, whether it be graphic templates, website themes, photographs, videos, or music. This may be anything from a café logo to a title sequence in Hollywood!

Freemium Graphics

Photos, images, audio tracks, movies, typefaces, email templates, and even WordPress themes and plugins are available on Envato Elements.

Their asset libraries consist of the following:

  • PhotoDune: A stock photo library that does not need the payment for its use.
  • VideoHive: A collection of videos and video templates that do not need royalties.
  • GraphicRiver: A database including graphical layouts, icons, and logos, among other things.
  • AudioJungle: A library with audio and audio templates that do not need royalties.
  • ThemeForest: An online marketplace that sells website themes and templates.
  • 3DOcean: A repository for 3D printed models
  • CodeCanyon: An online market for pre-written pieces of code, scripts, and plugins.

Thanks to the vast internet collection, you can locate any vector you desire.

Regardless of what you’re doing, the above five sites will provide you with plenty of resources to work with.

Each aspiring designer needs inspiration to get started. Access to these online resources is like having an endless library at your fingertips. They also provide insight into the styles that are currently popular with consumers.

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