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Top 10 WP Page Builders of 2022

WordPress is popular because it is accessible, excellent for business, and user-friendly. Users can learn the fundamentals of web design by using the native WP page builder to make practical web pages.

You might realize that the WP page editor does not have customization options once you nail the basics of WP. You will have to integrate a page builder extension to your website if you want to customize the web pages entirely.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best WP page builders for you to choose from.

Why Should You Use a WP Page Builder?

WP provides the pre-designed themes by default. These themes can be used in styling the website. However, they are not customizable, although they give your web design team a place to start. The developers might not have flexibility with the default themes, especially when making functionality or design modifications on the WP pages. Here the page builder plays its role.

A page builder is a plugin that helps you customize and build your page layouts in the WP. They are installed into your account to be used to develop and design new pages depending on your website’s theme. Even if you are a newbie in web design, the page builder can make it easy for you to add a unique feel, look, and functionality to the website pages.

Now that you know that a page builder is foundational for your website, you must select the best options according to your need. However, there are some points to keep in mind while shopping around:


One of the foremost things that you would prefer to check is if the page builder is compatible with your WP theme or not. If it is not compatible, you must change your site’s theme. It can be time-consuming and costly at the same time. In case of compatibility issues, check out the builders that work with all of the WP themes to change your site’s look with less trouble.

Builder Type

While selecting a page builder, there are two methods to choose from. Those options are:

  • Drag-and-drop setup: This setup gives the user a set of modules while clicking and dragging into their layout. However, it depends on where drag the module. The builder will automatically adjust the page and adapt to that particular design. This method makes web design easy and user-friendly for users with little to no web designing experience.
  • HTML builder: This is the second builder that requires users to input HTML code to make their web pages. This option lets you customize every detail of your site, although it requires a solid understanding of web design and coding.

Mobile Responsiveness

If you find a builder easy and easy to use and integrate, it does not mean that it will be responsive on a mobile interface. Use a builder with the options to view the page in a mobile preview so you can double-check whether your web design carries over to tablet or phone devices. You can also select a builder that will accommodate different screens by making your designs more responsive.

What is the Point of Having a WP Page Builder?

Due to difficulty in having an online presence in this age, the websites are best to go with. However, there is a chance that many people who might launch a business might not have the required expertise to make a website from scratch, nor do they have the budget or time.

These highly intuitive page builders arms can make stunning websites and reduce the time required to make a website. However, it would help if you had robust hosting as well. Although a website builder does not host a website, it hosts the pieces and tools required to make that website.

Hence, here are some reasons to have a page builder:

  • No coding expertise required: One of the primary reasons many people use page builders is that it eliminates the coding requirement. You do not need to be a CSS and HTML expert and can still make a fully functioning website easily using a page builder. It does not mean that you should not use your coding knowledge at all.
  • Increased productivity: It can take a lot of time to create, especially if you are custom coding the website. However, they can increase productivity by a large margin because the page builders remove all the unnecessary need to code everything from the beginning. Development and design agencies take advantage of page builders by churning out more websites using workflows and custom templates.
  • Low maintenance: Page builders do not require high maintenance or updates. They get regular updates from their developers to ensure they are up to date with the latest tech and free of bugs. Low maintenance also means that you can focus entirely on your business after you have developed your website.
  • Several Templates: You will find the page builder’s template galleries exciting if you do not want to design your website from scratch. Premade templates can be used to build your website by using these templates.

Best WP Page Builders of 2022

Here are the top 10 WP page builders from 2022 that you can go for:


MotoPress Content Editor Plugin is a simple drag-and-drop page builder that can work with any WP theme. It is user-friendly, having multiple pre-defined front-end layouts, to begin with. It also has the flexibility to swap in content blocks and modify the page’s layout.

MotoPress Content Editor might not be as comprehensive in offerings as an Elementor or Divi. Yet, it is ideal for website owners who tend to keep things simple and create engaging content. Elements include:

  • Sliders
  • Grid galleries
  • Tabs
  • Accordions
  • Social buttons

There are other premium add-ons, such as Google Maps integration, pricing tables, and forms.

Try this easy-to-use and affordable page builder if you are after simplicity. You can install any extensions you need for a bit extra.

Price: It has three paid plans per year: $39, $69, and $139. However, the developers offer a bundle of one site license and all add-ons for $69 per year.


Introduced in WordPress 5.0, the Gutenberg editor is a block-based editor where content elements consist of drag-and-drop blocks. For example, the row layout block allows users to control the columns, size, and number content. They also adjust their mobile and desktop layout to ensure the website is responsive.

Gutenberg is free, and comes bundled with WP as the editor of choice by default.


With millions of downloads, SiteOrigin Page Builder is a responsive, well-maintained, and reputable option for building your WP site. It is a drag-and-drop system paired with backend customization, making it ideal for newbies and advanced users.

SiteOrigin WP Page Builder integrates with other themes and tools made by SiteOrigin to serve as the best foundation for an all-in-one system using their tools.


Divi is another powerful builder with an array of customization options. However, one of its noteworthy features is the video slider, where you can use this module to embed the video into your page. You can also embed various videos simultaneously on your page in a rotating carousel. Users can watch one video and move to the next using the video sliders rather than having a long list of videos to scroll through.

One handier module that Divi offers is its audio player module that lets you embed an audio file easily into your web page. The visitors can play the audio clips from the website easily.

If you require an overhaul of your WP interface, try Divi.

Price: $89 per year, or $249 for lifetime access.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is an exceptionally premium WP page builder for newbies. It is a drag-and-drop page builder which comes with customizable and premade templates. Hence, you do not need to start from scratch while designing a new page or site. Customizing your template will allow you to save the design from being used for future pages that you might make.

Moreover, this page builder has modules for adding functional page elements such as accordion menus, image sliders, unique buttons, etc.

Price: Premium plans are for $99, $199, and $399 per year.


Elementor is a widely popular drag-and-drop and free-of-cost page builder. As it is one of the top-downloaded plugins, it has built its reputation as a user-friendly and powerful way to transform any WP site. It also offers a sleek live editor and a library of blocks that you can expand by using add-ons that you will enjoy using.

Elementor has a feature that lets users test the page layout in mobile view. You can make edits with Elementor to your designs while using the mobile preview mode. You can switch between the preview and editing view without wasting any time.

Price: Free for the basic features; premium plans from $49, $199, $499, and $999 per year.


Brizy is a drag-and-drop WP page builder for developing professional WP websites. Its “global styling” feature lets you simultaneously change elements on the pages across your website. You can launch a complete website redesign without needing to address every page separately.

Besides, it also offers an auto-save function that stores variations of your pages with time. As you work and redesign your pages, this page builder saves the previous versions if you need to turn to those layouts again. This makes it easy to test page layouts and ensures better and user-friendly designs.

Brizy is a capable competitor despite being a newbie to WP page building space with a modern building interface.

Price: For basic features, it is free of cost. Premium plans start at $149, $299, and $329 per year.


Try the Oxygen WP page builder for a better experience — that’s what the developers claim. The interface includes some programming-specific terms with a drag-and-drop building approach that the newbies might not understand.

However, Oxygen packs many critical features for those not afraid of a more technical piece of software, including templates for layouts of different posts and pages of a website along with responsive modules for you to enhance your website to engage viewers quickly.

This page builder is best for the ones who can work in coding. However, it is not ideal for beginners. You can take charge of all the nitty-gritty details better than any other plugin.

Price: It has four paid options per year: $129, $199, $279, and $349.


More than 1 million people rely on SeedProd to build their WP websites. Like other options, SeedProd is a drag-and-drop interface that lets you make pages, themes, and posts within minutes without touching the code. You can make pages from scratch and take advantage of the 100 pre-built page templates, including login pages, landing pages, 404 pages, maintenance mode, and other plugins.

SeedProd steers clear of the reputation of slow page load times and weighing down websites to prioritize performance. This is key for everyone, including mobile users and those visiting your pages. You also leverage the plugin’s integration with email marketing services such as ConvertKit and Mailchimp.

SeedProd comes packed with removing friction and pre-built templates from the design procedure to get your site to launch efficiently.

Price: It has four premium plans per year: $39.50, $99.50, $199.50, and $239.60.

Visual Composer

The capabilities of the Visual Composer WP page builder are extended beyond standard WP page builder. It lets the users customize the look of their website within the tools. You can also modify the headers, footer, page elements, menus, and other visuals on your website.

Visual Composer being assertive does not sacrifice intuitiveness for the substance. This builder is acclaimed for its learnability and user-friendliness. You can change elements on certain pages with this page builder and anything from menus to buttons to other widgets.

Visual Composer is a full-fledged featured website building tool that helps make site-wide changes in a few clicks. Visual Composer may be well worth your dollars if you want something powerful in the market.

Price: There are five premium plans per year: $49, $99, $149, $349, and $849.


Designing web pages is intimidating without a second thought. When considering the sheer amount of customization and flexibility it allows, WP can be challenging. The right WP page builder will save you the time of the effort of learning your site’s backend, the cost of a developer, and the time of creating pages from scratch.

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