How to reset a password from WHM in your reseller account

To reset a cPanel account password for an account located on your reseller plan, simply follow the steps below.

First, locate the “List Accounts” option from the left menu.


Once you’ve clicked “List Accounts” you will see a list of your cPanel accounts located on your reseller account shown in the center of your web page. You will then want to click on the small “+” symbol to expand the password box.


Next, simply type in the new password you’d like to assign to this username/cPanel account and then click “Change“. You can also change the default contact email on each cPanel account by using the box to the right titled “Change Contact Email“.

Now that you’ve changed the password for the cPanel account, the new password will need to be used when logging into cPanel as that username.


Note: In the event you change the password for the cPanel domain account that you use to log into WHM with, please be aware that the passwords are linked & it will change your WHM password as well. This only applies to the main domain cPanel/WHM username cPanel account.

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