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Blocked – Banned IP Address – cannot access web hosting account or website

Quick Steps

  • Step 1: Obtain your IP address using a free online service.
  • Step 2: In Support Center, use the Unblock IP Address tool to unblock your IP address.
  • Step 3: You should be able to access your site now.
  • Step 4: This may not work for VPS hosting plans. Contact support team in that case.

Sometimes your IP address may become blocked far various reasons. The first step is to obtain your current IP address from the location you are unable to view your website from.

The next step is to provide our support department with the IP address displayed at the link above. While viewing the page above, simply highlight, right click & copy the IP address to your clip-board. Then, you can paste the entry into the ticket for our support staff to check.

In addition to this method, we also have a tool located inside of our account management portal that can automatically check & unblock a blocked IP address:


After logging into your account, you will need go to the Support Center dashboard where you can locate the option to check/unblock your IP address.

Please note, this option applies only to shared and reseller hosting. If you have a managed VPS and are not able to connect to your server, you will need to work with our support staff in order to determine the cause.