Affiliate and Referral Policy

Affiliate and Referral Policy

Affiliate and partner terms
1. By entering into the VeeroTech Systems, LLC affiliate program, you are bound to the terms & agreements outlined below in addition to our terms of service for VeeroTech Systems, LLC web hosting & services. Note, this terms agreement applies to ALL referral programs offered by VeeroTech Systems, LLC.

2. Links on your website
As a VeeroTech Systems, LLC. affiliate, you may utilize your provided unique link & banners for promotion of your choice that remains in line with this agreement. You may utilize any form of promotion however, we strictly prohibit SPAM. Should any affiliate found to be in violation of affiliate SPAM on forums, emails not in compliance with the CAN-SPAM ACT or found to be misleading, the affiliate account will be terminated.

3. Commission structure, verification & approval guidelines

The program commission structure is as follows:

  • Level 1 (1-10 sales per month): $55 per sale
  • Level 2 (11-20 sales per month): $85 per sale
  • Level 3 (21+ sales per month): $125 per sale
  • (previous to 12/20/2023 percentage based payout: 100% of qualifying product)
  • $250 minimum payout balance

You are prohibited from referring yourself as an affiliate sale, within the same organization or from utilizing the same IP address, domain name or email account. We strictly log all access & statistics for affiliates and review upon approving pending commissions. Any commissions found to be in violation will be removed.

Commissions are paid once the 60 day hold period has passed in order to prevent fraudulent signups. Within this 60 day period, in the event the referred customer has overdue invoices, suspended services, abuse related complaints and/or has not retained service or been terminated, the commission will not be valid. Existing customers that purchase services OR customers that have already been working with us but come across an affiliate site with intent to simply use a discount code will not be eligible. These are determined by customer account history & previous communications. Additionally, this applies to “coupon” sites where the sole purpose of the site is to list a coupon code & link.

3.1 Excluded items & Exclusions:
Items excluded from referral commissions are non-web hosting plans. Services that are no specifically web hosting plans are not commission eligible at this time. Only web hosting service plans are eligible currently.

4. Payment of commissions
All affiliate commissions are reviewed & released within the first 14 days of each month & upon request from within your account. This time frame can sometimes be delayed should we have to perform additional reviews into the legitimacy of the obtained affiliate sales. Due to the high level of fraudulent activity in the hosting industry, we are required to perform additional steps to validate the referred signups. At the time of payout, ALL pending affiliate commissions MUST have a current active, non-suspended account status, no overdue invoices, no abuse related issues or outstanding account balance. Any commissioned referrals found to not be in compliance with this policy will be removed & the commission deducted from your balance. This is to prevent fraudulent referrals within the 90 day hold period with the sole intention to obtain a commission only.

5. Relationship to affiliate parties
The relationship between VeeroTech Systems, LLC & you, the affiliate, is on an independent contractor basis. This agreement does not create any form of joint venture, partnership, sales representative relationship, franchise or employment relationship between you, the affiliate & VeeroTech Systems, LLC. You may not accept or make offers on our behalf or portray any information that would lead one to believe otherwise which would be in violation of this affiliate agreement.

6. Limitation of liability
VeeroTech Systems, LLC is not & cannot be held liable for any consequential damages, loss of profits, revenue or data arising from your connection to the VeeroTech Systems, LLC affiliate program.

7. Modification
VeeroTech Systems, LLC reserves the right to modify any portion of this terms agreement at any time & within our sole discretion. Changes to this policy will be emailed to you, the affiliate, using the email you have provided & stored on file when changes are made. Types of modifications may include, but are not limited to changes in commission rates, payment hold procedures & timelines, program rules & any portion of this agreement. Unless noted otherwise, all modifications will take affect within 24 hours of notifying you via email. Following any changes, updates or modifications of existing policies, your continued use & participation in our affiliate program constitutes a binding acceptance of the changes made. In the event you do not agree with the changes, updates or modifications, you may close your affiliate account by contacting our support department.

8. Account deactivation
VeeroTech Systems, LLC reserves the right to deactivate immediately, any affiliate found to be in violation of this affiliate terms agreement. Within an account deactivation, any accrued commission balance will be forfeited. An account may be subject to deactivation due to any of the following violations:

• false or misleading advertising or suspected fraudulent activity associated with the affiliate account
• generating a large amount of fraudulent referrals or chargebacks
• large number of referrals the maintain overdue balances & unpaid invoices
• unsolicited bulk emailing of affiliate links that do not comply with the CAN-SPAM ACT
• any attempts to defraud, cheat or mislead VeeroTech Systems, LLC or referred customers
• iFrames or cookie stuffing techniques
• misrepresentation of the VeeroTech Systems, LLC brand and/or brand damaging content, blog posts, forum posts etc
• any other violation of this agreement outlined outside of this section

9. Paid search & brand advertising
In compliance with our affiliate agreement, we prohibit any paid seach that targets addons searches to customers already looking for or considering our service. This prohibts the use of registering domains such as “” and the like. This applies to all paid search options including Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. We also do not permit the use of phrase matching any keywords containing the VeeroTech brand as described here

Your are prohibited from keyword bidding on any VeeroTech Systems, LLC trademarks such as veerotech, veerotech hosting, veerotech systems or any paid keyword bidding that contains the VeeroTech brand name. Violation of this policy is subject to invalidation of commissions and closure of the affiliate account.

10. Guidelines for your website
You are fully responsible for managing, developing & the operation of your website. VeeroTech Systems, LLC has no responsibility of performing any tasks or maintenance to the website platform that you use to promote our services. You are also responsible for ensuring the content of your website does not violate your local laws, United States federal laws or the laws of the state of North Carolina. We require that you disclose to your website viewers that you receive compensation (affiliate referral commissions) for the links & banner advertisements placed on your website. You must include & maintain an up to date privacy policy for your website(s) that is compliant with all local & federal laws in addition to disclosure compliant with the FTC disclosure requirements. More information can be found at