Backup Storage & File Restriction Information – web hosting, reseller & WordPress accounts

Backup Storage & File Restriction Information – web hosting, reseller & WordPress accounts

To allow our customers to perform full account-level backups via cPanel, the cPanel full backup utility is enabled for all cPanel accounts on all shared & reseller hosting. Please be aware that the backup storage policy retention for our shared & reseller servers is 24 hours. After 24 hours, any cPanel generated backups will be removed from our servers. When you generate a cPanel full backup, please download the backup locally to your computer, then remove it from the server.

Storing large compressed backups on shared & reseller servers causes an extremely high load when our server level backups run each day. This in turn slows the backup job as well as causes the websites on the server to load slower than normal.

While Softaculous allows for automated backups to be generated, we do not permit these backups to remain stored on our servers for the same reasons above.

There are certain file types which are also not permitted to be hosted on your hosting account which include ISO files, EXE files & IMG files. We routinely scan for & remove these types of files from our servers in order to maintain the integrity of our backup jobs.

Restricted files include: ISO, EXE, IMG, ZIP/TAR/TAR.GZ, BIN and other large, files over 1GB in size are not permitted to be stored on our servers. This restriction is to ensure integrity of our backups in the event of a restore requirement to ensure our RTO is met.


Daily backup restriction information:

Please note, the following file types are explicitly excluded from our daily backups:

  • .tar.gz
  • .tar
  • .iso
  • .exe
  • .zip
  • .img

The above listed files will not be included in our daily backups & we recommend any compressed files are downloaded immediately after compressing them. In addition, we highly recommend reviewing the restricted file types in the first half of this article to ensure your hosting account is not storing restricted file types. If you need to store such files, we can accommodate a backup server where you can store these types of files. Please understand these restrictions are in place to ensure a timely & proper recovery in the event of a server failure where a complete restore must be completed.