Website & Application Update Requirements

Website & Application Update Requirements

Out of date applications are open to exploits that can be executed due to vulnerabilities in the code for the application itself, modules, themes, plugins and other items within the site. We require ALL applications being hosted on our network to be fully maintained, kept up to date as well as ensured they are free of vulnerabilities. Applications that are not maintained are vulnerable to being used for malicious purposes, sending SPAM emails and frequent hacking, spamware, malware & spamvertisement.

Applications that are not kept up to date and have also become exploited may be subject to account restriction by suspension. We must ensure that our networks are free of malware and malicious activities to ensure other customers are able to fully utilize their services; this includes the ability to send emails, ensure servers aren’t listed on blacklists etc. 99% of blacklistings that we have seen are due to WordPress websites that aren’t maintained and have been exploited. Because of this, we require that ALL applications are kept within the latest maintenance release of the application.

We have the following policies on out of date applications that are not maintained by the website/account owner:

1. All applications MUST be kept up to date
2. Themes, modules & plugins should be free of vulnerabilities
3. Item 2 should also be kept up to date

In the event an update may cause a usability problem on your website, we highly recommend that you contact the developer to resolve the issue. This is typically in the form of plugins/modules that are either not updated, no longer supported by the developer or just plain have bad coding practices. In either case, if it cannot be updated, disable it.

Websites that cannot be updated and/or continue to have security related issues are subject to removal from our servers. As the account holder, you are responsible for all content hosted within your hosting plan, including resellers & VPS services. If you have resold services where customers purchase services (such as hosting) through you or your website, you must ensure your customers are also following this policy. As we do not interact directly with resold customers, we require that you ensure any resold customers follow the same policies.