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Vmware & NetApp High Availability Cloud Hosting

Vmware // NetApp Cloud

Recently, we’ve implemented our new Vmware & NetApp based cloud shared & reseller web hosting. Going against the grain with cloud solutions, we’ve decided to implement Vmware & NetApp as our cloud infrastructure based on their proven track records in the true, “enterprise” world.


High Availability // High Fault Tolerance

Vmware isn’t just a plain old virtualization technology, it’s an industry leading technology. Vmware empowers many features that the alternatives do not, or try to but don’t work efficiently. As a true, solid, enterprise grade solution, Vmware has proven time & time again it’s reliability & innovation. NetApp is also an industry leader when it comes to high availability, mission critical storage solutions. Both technologies combined, provides us with a rock-solid cloud hosting platform known as the VeeroTech Cloud.


Tech Specs // Features

– Infrastructure

  • 4 Physical locations (fail-over / DR)
  • Redundant Connectivity
  • Commercial Grade Cooling
  • 24X7 Staffed Secure Facilities
  • HA Power Infrastructure
  • 200Gbps+ Capacity Backbone

– Hardware (nodes & storage)

  • Vmware Hypervisors
  • Genuine Intel Xeon series processed host nodes
  • High Availability SAN’s (NetApp)
  • Redundant Controllers, Heads, HBA, Processors
  • iSCSI / Fiber Channel Connections
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • RAID DP (NetApp Proprietary RAID)
  • 7.2K & 15K SATA/SAS Shelves

– Software Specs

  • Vmware vSphere
  • Vmware ESX (not ESXi)
  • NetApp Data On Tap
  • Vmware vSphere Replication
  • Vmware High Availability
  • CDP Disaster Recovery
If you have any web hosting questions please feel free to reach out to us. We're happy to help.  
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Our Guiding Principles

  • Provide consistent, stable, and reliable web hosting services.
  • Ensure rapid ticket response and quick resolutions to issues.
  • Never saturate or over-provision servers to ensure stability and speed for our customers.
  • Use only high-quality enterprise-class hardware to ensure minimal downtime from hardware failures.
  • Provide clear pricing with no hidden fees or gotchas.
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