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R1Soft Continuous Data Protection

A few weeks ago, a security audit completed by a 3rd party security firm discovered various security flaws in the previously used software “StoreGrid” that we used on shared & reseller web hosting accounts. This discovery prompted us to completely disable all instances of StoreGrid running on VeeroTech Systems servers. The security vulnerabilities were reported to StoreGrid however, they did not seem to get fixed. This prompted us to remove StoreGrid completely from all servers to protect our customers.

Upon removing StoreGrid, we chose to replace it with Idera R1Soft CDP (continuous data protection). We have recently been working on a complete integration for all shared & reseller web hosting servers. In addition to R1Soft CDP daily/hourly backups, we still complete weekly & monthly account level (cPanel – shared/reseller) backups for Disaster Recovery.

Now, what does this mean for you? If you’re a shared or reseller hosting customer, you will have access to restore file-level backups from 4 previous days right from within cPanel. You will notice there’s an R1Soft icon inside of cPanel as well.

Traditional shared/reseller hosting: Daily backups, 4 copies retained. + weekly/monthly account backups.

Cloud shared/reseller: Hourly backups, 120 copies retained. + weekly/monthly account backups.

We are nearing the completion of the integration & hope to be 100% complete within the next few weeks. If your hosting accounts are located on our older servers, the integration has not yet been completed. (dallas01, dallas02 & dallas03 servers). If you are not located on these servers, the backups have already been integrated. You can check the server name from within cPanel on the right hand pane where your statistics are located.


Virtual Servers. (VPS)

The second phase of the implementation includes installing the R1Soft CDP agent on all VPS customer virtual machines. This will be included with your current VPS rate, and there will be no extra charges.

Agent Installation: We will contact each VPS customer directly to coordinate the installation & configuration.

Backup Frequency: VPS customers will have daily R1Soft CDP backups

Backup Storage Amount: Each VPS will include identical storage allocations. EG: 50GB VPS will include 50GB of R1Soft CDP backup space.


Cloud Virtual Servers. (VMware Cloud Servers)

These servers have not been released on our website however, the backup options will be the same as standard virtual servers (VPS).


Backup Storage Location.

All R1Soft CDP agents will have target destinations on “off-site” storage. We retain R1Soft CDP backups & our weekly/monthly shared/reseller account backups both in different locations. This greatly reduces the chance of data loss should we be required to restore from our Disaster Recovery backups.


As always, should you have any questions, certainly feel free to get in touch with our support desk.

If you have any web hosting questions please feel free to reach out to us. We're happy to help.  
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Our Guiding Principles

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  • Never saturate or over-provision servers to ensure stability and speed for our customers.
  • Use only high-quality enterprise-class hardware to ensure minimal downtime from hardware failures.
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