CloudLinux Resource Limits: Shared/Reseller Hosting

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All shared & reseller hosting plans utilize CloudLinux technologies for increased security & server stability. You can find the “per-cPanel” account resource specifications listed below:

Shared Hosting Accounts:

  • CPU: 100% of 1 vCore (up to 2 vCPU on select plans)
  • Starting Memory: 1-4GB based on plan specifications
  • Processes: 50
  • I/O: 5MBPS
  • inodes: 300,000 (SSD Business Plus 600,000)
  • Starting mySQL Connections: 12 – max to 20

Reseller Hosting Accounts (per cPanel)

  • CPU: 100% of 1 vCore
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Processes: 50
  • I/O: 5MBPS
  • inodes: 300,000
  • Starting mySQL Connections: 12 – max to 20

You can also view the current usage of these resources from within your cPanel account on the left menu. These values can also be adjusted on a case-by-case basis within reason by our support technicians should you reach the limits.

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