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FTP error 421 : Too many connections (8) from this IP in FileZilla

When you see “FTP error 421: Too many connections (8) from this IP” while using FileZilla use the following guide to correct it.

Quick Steps

  1. In FileZilla, go to File –> Site Manager
  2. Locate the Transfer Settings tab
  3. Click the checkbox next to “Limit number of simultaneous connections”
  4. Change “Max number of connections” to ‘1’
  5. If you still get the error, switch off your modem/router and turn it back on
  6. If you still get the error, reboot your computer

Note: We recommend using FileZilla, which is a free FTP client.

We allow 8 simultaneous connections from an IP at a time. If you receive this error, please do the following:

In Filezilla go to File > Site Manager, select “Transfer Setting” tab, and then click on the checkmark box next to “Limit number of simultaneous connections”. You can keep “1″ in the box. (refer to the image below)



After you have limited the number of simultaneous connections to 1, and you still get the error “FTP error 421: Too many connections (8) from this IP”, switch off your modem/router and reboot your computer. These are potentially important steps because your modem/router and computer maintain connections for a period of time before the connections time out.

Once you’ve resolved the the FTP 421 error look through these other FTP articles in the FTP category to see if they can help as well.

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