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Change the PHP Timezone – shared & reseller web hosting

To change the timezone on your hosting account, you’ll first need to log into cPanel and locate the “Select PHP Version” option. Once you’ve clicked the “Select PHP Version” icon, you’ll see the PHP versions dashboard. NOTE: if yours shows “native” you will either need to select another PHP version OR contact our support. If

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How to view your cPanel disk space usage

In order to view your cPanel disk space usage, there’s a great tool located inside of your cPanel account that can help you narrow down what’s using all of your disk space. While logged into your cPanel account, you’ll want to locate the “Disk Usage” icon found under the “Files” pane.     After clicking

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403 Forbidden Error – What to do if you see this error

If you see a 403 Forbidden error on your website, you may need to check a few things. We’ll outline a few scenarios that would cause this and how to resolve them. .htaccess rules:   The most typical reason for a 403 Forbidden error is due to .htacess rules on your website. You’ll want to

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