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Domain Registration & Transfer Information

We offer multiple ways to register a new domain, transfer a domain or transfer multiple domains to VeeroTech. Register Domain: When choosing to register a domain, you will be purchasing a domain that is “new” & does not exist already. Transfer Domain: When selecting the “Transfer Domain” option, you will be preparing to

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Dedicated IP Addresses

In some instances a dedicated IP, often referred to as a “static IP” may be required. We offer various options for dedicated IP addresses. In order to obtain a dedicated IP address, you must place an order from the URL below . Upon ordering, complete the required fields (if applicable) in addition to the justification

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Adding Additional Websites Using Addon Domains in cPanel

This article will mainly apply to shared hosting accounts & adding additional websites/domains to your account by using the “addon domain” feature. This feature allows you to add additional websites onto your web hosting account by creating the necessary DNS records as well as the directory in the public_html directory to place the files for

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Creating a parked domain in cPanel

To create a “parked” domain in your cPanel hosting account, you’ll need to follow the steps below. Log into your cPanel account Locate and click on the “Parked Domains” icon in the “Domains” category. Enter the domain name you wish to park. Click on the “Add Domain” button. Notes: This will only work if the

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