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How to enable SPF & DKIM in cPanel

This guide will give you an overview of how to enable your DKIM & SPF records from within your cPanel web hosting account. When sending emails that use your domain as the sender, you always want to ensure that you have the correct SPF records enabled on your domain. Doing so will help increase the

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WordPress SMTP & Contact Forms

In this tutorial we’ll go over the steps to add an SMTP plugin to your WordPress site & configure Contact Form 7 to send emails through an SMTP connection vs using standard php mail. This will assist in ensuring your emails are send using a valid email account and they don’t end up being sent

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emails are sent from and not an actual email address

This is because our servers require you (or your script) to use a properly formatted, valid From: field in the email’s header. If the From: field is not formatted correctly, empty or the email address does not exist in the cPanel, the From: address will be changed to You must change the script you

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Accessing webmail for your domain

To access the included webmail email clients included with your hosting account, you’ll need to append /webmail to the end of your domain (if using our DNS nameservers) Example: NOTE: You must have created an email account from with cPanel in order to log into an email account. From the login screen, you’ll enter

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How to get a free SpamExperts SPAM filtering account

We include a free SpamExperts SPAM email filtering account with our hosting accounts. In order to obtain the free account included, you must open a support ticket with our sales department. If you already have a SpamExperts account & would like an additional domain filtered, you can simply order another as normal:     **Please

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Email forwarders: My emails are not forwarding

Note: There must be an actual mailbox present on the hosting account. You cannot simply create a forwarder with no mailbox as our servers will discard ALL mail that does not have a valid mailbox. cPanel has a not-so-great feature for forwarding emails called “Email Forwarders”. While email forwarders may sound like an easy option to

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