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cPanel Email Setup Using Mac Mail (v11.2)

In this guide, we’ll go over connecting your Mac mail client (High Sierra) to your cPanel email account. This guide assumes you have already created the email account in cPanel as well as retained the password and connection information in your notes for use. Note #1: The default Mac mail client uses the incorrect ports

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How to enable SPF & DKIM in cPanel

Quick Steps: Go to Authentication icon in Email menu of cPanel. You will find DKIM and SPF records option. Click enable for both. SPF and DKIM will be enabled. This guide will give you an overview of how to enable your DKIM & SPF records from within your cPanel web hosting account. When sending emails

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WordPress SMTP & Contact Forms

In this tutorial we’ll go over the steps to add an SMTP plugin to your WordPress site & configure Contact Form 7 to send emails through an SMTP connection vs using standard php mail. This will assist in ensuring your emails are send using a valid email account and they don’t end up being sent

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cPanel POP or IMAP Email Setup Using Outlook 2010 – 2013

Quick Steps Step 1: Add an account in Outlook for POP or IMAP. Step 2: In cPanel, under Email settings, find the Configure Email Client link. Step 3: Make a note of the settings in cPanel, and enter them in Outlook. Step 4: Before saving, make sure to check “SMTP server requires authentication”. In this guide, we’ll go over

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Accessing webmail for your domain

To access the included webmail email clients included with your hosting account, you’ll need to append /webmail to the end of your domain (if using our DNS nameservers) Example: NOTE: You must have created an email account from with cPanel in order to log into an email account. From the login screen, you’ll enter

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