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Reporting SPAM using your SpamExperts email SPAM filtering account

In order to report SPAM emails that get through the filters to SpamExperts, you first must have an active SpamExperts SPAM filtering account for incoming email.

The first step is to obtain the “eml” message file for the SPAM email you’d like to report. The easiest way to do this is to log into your webmail portal by going to – we recommend choosing RoundCube as it’s the simplest mail client. Once you’ve accessed your webmail portal, you’ll need to locate the SPAM email & double click to open it.

At the top of the message, you’ll see a menu bar similar to the one shown below:




Next, you will click on the “More” on the far right of the menu options. Once clicked, you’ll be presented with additional options.




To obtain the “.eml” file, you will want to click on the second option titled: “Download (.eml)“. Once you have downloaded the .eml message file, you will now want to log into your SpamExperts account dashboard.

You can log into your SpamExperts dashboard here: – you will need to use your domain as the username & the password you have either set or were provided. If you’re unsure, please contact our support dept using the “SpamExperts” support department.

Once logged into your SpamExperts dashboard, you’ll want to locate the “Report spam” button, as shown below:




After clicking “Report spam” you will be provided with the option to upload the eml file that you previously downloaded.



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