Category: Self-Managed Servers/VPS

Install Config Server Firewall via SSH

To install CSF Config Server Firewall, commonly known as “CSF”, follow the steps below: Log into your server with root level access (or escalate to root) and execute the commands below: cd /usr/src rm -fv csf.tgz wget tar -xzf csf.tgz cd csf sh Once the installation completes, you can now manage CSF via

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Increase swap file size on cPanel WHM

Generally, you would want to have a dedicated partition for swap however, a swap file can also be used. You can follow the steps below to create/increase your swap file on a cPanel server. Please note, you must have root access to perform this action. If you’re unsure if you need to do this, please either consult our

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Installing cPanel on a self-managed vps

To install cPanel on your self managed VPS, you can follow the instructions below. Please note, only CentOS/RHEL based operating systems are supported. Official cPanel Documentation: Installation Instructions: We assume that you’re already logged into your VPS with root privileges for this install. cd /home yum install -y wget yum install -y nano yum install

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