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How to change nameservers at Google Domains

Quick Steps: sign in to Google Domains Select the domain Select DNS on the left menu and use custom name servers in the details on the right side In the nameserver field, add custom name servers. Click “+” to add more entries. Click “Save” In this article, we will be explaining how to change name

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How to set up custom / private reseller nameservers

The first step you’re going to want to do is locate the nameserver IP addresses from our guide located here: Reseller Private Nameservers In this example, we’ll use the custom nameserver entries of “” & “” – you will of course, substitute your desired entries & domain name. Important Note: When configuring your private/custom reseller

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Edit a DNS Zone using the DNS zone editor in WHM

This article assumes you’ve logged into your WHM already. From the left menu in your WHM control panel, you’ll need to locate the “Edit DNS Zone” option. You can simply begin by typing in the search box at the top & it’ll automatically populate based on what you type.     The next step will

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Dedicated IP Addresses

In some instances a dedicated IP, often referred to as a “static IP” may be required. We offer various options for dedicated IP addresses. In order to obtain a dedicated IP address, you must place an order from the URL below . Upon ordering, complete the required fields (if applicable) in addition to the justification

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Domain DNS Propagation

When making changes to your DNS entries, the changes made can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate throughout the internet. Typically, changes are shown within a few hours however, it can usually take longer. The time for propagation can also be dependent on the TTL (time To Live) set on your DNS records.

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Register a nameserver – domain purchased through VeeroTech

To create/register/update a custom nameserver for a domain purchased through VeeroTech Systems, LLC, you will need to log into your account management portal. First, navigate to “Domains > My Domains” from the menu navigation as shown below.   You will then be taken to the domains list dashboard. From there, click the “Manage Domain” button

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VeeroTech DNS Nameservers

Our standard nameservers can be found below: You do not need to use all 4 nameservers however, we recommend at least 2.

Reseller Private Nameservers

Quick Steps Step 1: Create host records for your nameservers at the domain registrar. Step 2: Input the corresponding IP addresses for the records. Step 3: In cPanel, under DNS Manager, add A records for all your nameservers. Step 4: You can now start using your custom nameservers. As a reseller, you have the ability to create custom nameservers,

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