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Reseller Web Hosting Guide – HowTo & Informational

Congratulations on your new Reseller web hosting account with VeeroTech Hosting! Below, we have comprised the related information you’ll need for getting started with your Reseller web hosting account.

WHM & login information

When signing up for your Reseller web hosting account, you will receive an email that contains your temporary login information as well as the server IP address. You will need to retain the provided information in order to log into your Reseller account. Alternatively, you can also access WHM by logging into your account at and then navigating to your services: Services > My Services > View Details > Login to WHM

In addition to this guide, we also have various video tutorials to assist you in setting up & using your Reseller web hosting account.

Setting up Reseller web hosting private / custom nameservers and DNS

Your reseller hosting account has the option to use “private” or “custom” nameservers. You can find more information on setting these up using the URL’s listed below:

Important Note: When configuring your private/custom reseller nameservers, do not use the server’s direct IP – please be sure to use the IP’s that we specify in the guides above to ensure that your nameservers work properly.

Creating packages in WHM

You’ll need to create “packages” for your sub-accounts that you intend to place on your Reseller hosting account. when you create a new cPanel domain account, you’ll need to assign it to a package that specifies the specifications the cPanel account should have.


Create a new cPanel account in WHM & Account Management Functions

To create a cPanel account in WHM, you will need to locate the “Create a New Account” option in the left menu. From there, you will fill in the details for your new account, choose your package & then click create.

Billing software for hosting reseller accounts

If your Rreseller web hosting plan includes a free license for WHMCS billing and support software, you will need to request the license be issued from our billing support department. You can find more information below.

Reseller hosting account migrations

Reseller hosting plans purchased through VeeroTech Hosting include a free migration from your old web hosting provider. We have more information specific to migrations listed at the URL below.

If you have any web hosting questions please feel free to reach out to us. We're happy to help.
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